Clubs Challenge PFF NC’s Election Protocols: The News Update

Clubs Across Pakistan Reject PFF Electoral Protocols: Demand Review and Transparency

Clubs across Pakistan have raised concerns over the district elections protocols released by the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee (NC). The clubs are calling for a review of the electoral procedure and other regulations, highlighting various shortcomings in the process.

According to a club official, the decision to conduct the voting process through WhatsApp has been criticized as it raises concerns about potential rigging. The lack of clarity regarding membership status and the absence of appointed district conveners and provincial election commissioners further complicate the situation.

The club official pointed out that the PFF constitution specifies that the electoral process should be conducted through secret ballot, raising questions about the validity of a WhatsApp voting process. Additionally, the lack of appointment of a secretary for the electoral committee has added to the confusion surrounding the process.

Another club official expressed concerns about the incomplete scrutiny of nominations in certain districts, emphasizing the importance of ensuring transparency and fairness in the electoral process. The official highlighted the need for a clear voting list before inviting nomination papers to avoid potential discrepancies and disputes.

Many club owners were unaware of the voting protocols uploaded on Facebook by the NC, with one official expressing frustration over the lack of communication from the committee. The official criticized the reliance on social media for disseminating important information, calling it a barrier for stakeholders who do not actively engage on such platforms.

In response to the situation, some club officials have accused the NC of engineering the process to facilitate rigging and questioned the committee’s adherence to FIFA’s mandate. There are concerns that the NC may be seeking an extension rather than conducting fair and transparent elections as promised.

Overall, the dissatisfaction among clubs and stakeholders regarding the electoral process highlights the need for clarity, transparency, and adherence to established procedures. With important elections on the horizon, resolving these issues is essential to ensure the integrity and credibility of the football governance in Pakistan.

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