PFF NC Aims to Wrap Up Electoral Process by Dec 15: The News

Normalisation Committee Expected to Complete PFF Electoral Process Soon: Sources

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee is on track to finalize the electoral process of the federation ahead of its December 15, 2024, mandate expiry. In the latest development, elections were conducted in 30 districts across various regions, with results compiled in 25 districts and minor issues to be resolved in five. The imminent announcement of election results signifies progress in completing the district level electoral process.

Having conducted elections in 137 districts, barring court stay orders in Tank and Kohat, the focus now shifts towards provincial elections in the upcoming phase. Prior to commencing provincial elections, regulatory frameworks will be established to govern the electoral process for the federating units, ensuring a systematic transition towards comprehensive elections.

The Normalisation Committee aims to conclude the provincial level electoral process by early August, gearing up for the anticipated PFF elections in October. This timeline allows sufficient time for the committee to facilitate a smooth transfer of powers to the newly-elected body post-elections. Despite potential challenges post-election, the committee remains proactive in addressing concerns to streamline the handover process effectively.

In a bid to uphold integrity and compliance, the NC’s disciplinary committee is scrutinizing cases involving key personalities facing allegations that could impact their eligibility for provincial and PFF elections. With FIFA and the AFC likely to play significant roles in the adjudication process, the outcomes will influence the election landscape at various hierarchical levels.

The installment of the Normalisation Committee in 2019, spearheaded by Hamza Khan, aimed to restore stability following internal turmoil within the PFF. Subsequent reconstitution in 2021 appointed Haroon Malik as chairman, accompanied by Shahid Niaz Khokhar, Saud Hashimi, and Haris Azmat as members, to spearhead the electoral agenda. Despite initial delays, the revised committee has been proactive in navigating the electoral roadmap, striving to culminate in successful PFF elections.

As the normalization journey progresses, stakeholders await the culmination of a robust electoral process, underlining the pivotal role of the Normalisation Committee in steering the PFF towards a new era.

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