Guam FA: ASC Trust Islanders Triumph in Grassroots Tourney Final

ASC Trust Islanders U10 Team Wins Pacific Grassroots Football Fellowship Tournament in Thrilling Final Against Nemesis FC from the Philippines

The ASC Trust Islanders U10 team emerged victorious in a thrilling final match against Nemesis FC from the Philippines at the Pacific Grassroots Football Fellowship Tournament in Guam. The Islanders clinched the title after a 1-1 draw, triumphing in a tense penalty shootout. Despite the Islanders claiming the championship trophy, all participating teams gained valuable experience and formed new connections during the tournament.

Nemesis FC’s Head Coach, Myk Agbayani, expressed gratitude for the competitive opportunity the tournament provided his players. The international exposure allowed the young athletes to test their skills against foreign opponents and gauge their development in the sport. Agbayani commended the hospitality shown by the organizers and local clubs, emphasizing the camaraderie displayed among the teams despite the fierce competition.

Nemesis FC journeyed to Guam ahead of the tournament and engaged in multiple matches before reaching the final showdown with the Islanders. The NAPA Rovers FC secured third place by defeating the Guam Shipyard Wolverines in the third-place match. Trophies and medals were awarded by GFA officials, recognizing the top performers and the spirit of sportsmanship exhibited throughout the event.

GFA President Valentino San Gil extended congratulations to the tournament’s winners and expressed appreciation for the collaborative effort that made the competition a success. The participating clubs, including Crushers FC, Dededo SC, and Bank of Guam Strykers FC, contributed to the lively atmosphere of the tournament. San Gil highlighted the significance of international matchups in enhancing players’ skills and fostering friendships across borders.

The Philippines contingent, comprising players, coaches, and enthusiastic supporters, embraced the opportunity to compete abroad for the first time since the onset of the pandemic. Agbayani emphasized the importance of such tournaments in the players’ personal and collective growth, underscoring the need for ongoing development in the sport. Looking ahead, Agbayani expressed hope for future tournaments in Guam, recognizing the invaluable experiences gained from the recent competition.

In conclusion, the Pacific Grassroots Football Fellowship Tournament served as a platform for young talent to showcase their abilities, learn from diverse playing styles, and forge lasting connections. The event’s success reflected the collaborative spirit of the participating teams and organizers, setting the stage for future opportunities to nurture youth football development on an international scale.

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