PSSI Scraps Championship System: League 1 to Change Next Season

PT LIB and PSSI Opt to Remove Championships Competition Format from Next Season’s League 1

PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia (PT LIB) have decided to remove the championships competition format for next season’s League 1, according to Indonesian football observer Kesit Budi Handoyo. The decision was made without prior socialization, deemed unsuitable for Indonesian competitions.

PT LIB Director Ferry Paulus confirmed the elimination of the championships competition format after a recent meeting with PSSI. The move aligns with the Indonesian National Team’s agenda, ensuring a more streamlined competition.

Kesit Budi Handoyo expressed support for the removal of the championships series format, highlighting the existing full slate of competition. With no need for additional rounds such as top eight, top four, semi-finals, and finals, the decision was deemed the most appropriate.

In a statement to, Kesit Budi Handoyo emphasized the necessity of adapting competition formats to the current landscape. By eliminating the championships series, the focus can exclusively be on the competition itself without the need for additional rounds.

The consensus to remove the championships competition format signifies a shift towards more straightforward and efficient competitions. With the aim of enhancing the overall competition experience, stakeholders have recognized the importance of streamlining formats for the benefit of all involved parties.

As preparations for the upcoming League 1 season continue, the decision to eliminate the championships competition format reflects a commitment to innovation and progress in Indonesian football. By prioritizing the core competition structure, organizers aim to enhance the quality and intensity of matches without unnecessary distractions.

Moving forward, the focus will be on optimizing the competition format to ensure a competitive and compelling League 1 season. With the support of PSSI and PT LIB, Indonesian football is poised to embrace new changes that will elevate the sport and engage fans across the nation.

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