AFC extends deadline for Pakistan-Jordan match venue confirmation

AFC Extends Deadline for Venue Confirmation for Pakistan vs Jordan Match: By Faizan Lakhani

The AFC has given the PFF an extension until February 2 to finalize the venue for Pakistan’s match against Jordan in the FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers. The PFF had expressed concerns about Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad not meeting FIFA standards, particularly regarding lighting conditions for the night-time match during Ramazan. The PFF, in collaboration with the PSB, had been striving to upgrade the stadium, but ultimately decided to seek alternative neutral venues to uphold the game’s integrity. The statement assured that discussions with the Jordan Football Association would be initiated to arrange for a suitable venue for the home leg against Jordan. Jinnah Stadium had previously hosted a FIFA World Cup qualifier against Tajikistan, attracting a crowd of 24,000 enthusiastic supporters. The PSB, in a letter dated January 31, promised to install floodlights and seats at Jinnah Stadium before the upcoming match against Jordan. Despite facing challenges in meeting FIFA requirements at the current venue, the PFF remains committed to ensuring a suitable location for the crucial qualifiers. Future updates regarding the venue for the match on March 21 are awaited as the PFF continues to explore options for a neutral ground for the match against Jordan.

Geo Super reported the developments on February 1, 2024, emphasizing the efforts being made by the PFF and PSB to address the venue concerns in preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifier. The extension granted by the AFC allows for additional time to secure a suitable venue that meets FIFA standards and ensures the integrity of the match against Jordan. The upcoming discussions with the Jordan Football Association will play a pivotal role in finalizing the location for the home leg, with both teams eager to create a conducive environment for the decisive fixture. The dedicated work put in by the PFF and PSB highlights their commitment to providing a top-notch setting for Pakistan’s crucial matches in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

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