Al-Salt Club Responds to Financial Control Measures by JFA

Al-Salt Club Responds to Jordanian Football Association’s Financial Control Instructions

Al-Salt Football Club recently addressed the decisions made by the Disciplinary Committee of the Jordanian Football Association regarding financial controls imposed on professional clubs since the 2021 season. The regulations limit the total value of contracts for players, coaches, and staff, with ceilings decreasing over the next few seasons.

The club stated that before these regulations, there were no financial restrictions, allowing them to sign players for multiple seasons to ensure their presence in the professional league. However, as they were close to advancing in the AFC Championship, their contract values exceeded the set limit, necessitating adjustments without violating the agreements.

Al-Salt emphasized that they have already paid a significant portion of the contract values, thanks to the support of loyal fans. Moving forward, all contracts for the current season are in line with the federation’s financial constraints, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations.

The club explained that any financial donations received within the specified limits would have prevented surpassing the financial ceilings in previous seasons. They are dedicated to upholding the team’s journey, abiding by all laws, instructions, and financial systems set forth.

In conclusion, Al-Salt reaffirmed their commitment to integrity and progress, urging everyone to avoid engaging in baseless rumors or hearsay. They highlighted the importance of honest work and mutual trust in achieving the club’s goals and future plans.

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