2024 K League Updates: What’s Changing in South Korea’s Soccer League

Exciting Changes Coming to K League in 2024 and Beyond

The K League is set to undergo several changes in the coming years. Starting in 2024, the “U22 rule” will be eased for K League 1 teams, allowing for more substitutions, reflecting the increased number of substitutions allowed in recent seasons. Furthermore, K League 1 teams will see an increase in the number of players named on the bench from seven to nine. In contrast, K League 2 rules remain unchanged.

In addition, the number of personnel permitted on the bench will increase to 13 from 11 to accommodate changes in the foreign player quota. The 2024 season will mark the final year of the Asian player quota in K League, with teams transitioning to a system where one extra foreign player can be fielded, irrespective of nationality, from 2025 onwards.

Furthermore, a new homegrown system will be introduced in 2025, allowing foreign players who have spent a significant period in Korea to be considered domestic players. This move aims to enhance the development of local talent and provide more opportunities for players with ties to Korea.

The appointment of Jeon Kyung-joon, former Jeonnam Dragons manager, as the K League Technical Study Group’s new Chairman is another notable development. His extensive experience in Korean football positions him well to lead the technical committee of the federation, overseeing various important aspects of the league.

Other changes include an increase in the minimum basic salary for K League players, extended transfer windows, protocols for game delays due to weather or facility issues, and mandatory CPR training for professional and youth players.

With these upcoming changes, the K League is evolving to adapt to the evolving landscape of football, aiming to enhance competition, player development, and overall league operations.

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