Local Referee Named for Jordanian Football Clasico between Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat

Referee Chosen for Jordanian Football Clasico Between Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat

The referee for the upcoming Jordanian Football Clasico betwee Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat has been announced as Ahmed Faisal by the Jordanian Football Association’s Referees Committee. The highly anticipated match in the Jordanian Professional League’s fifteenth round will see Ahmed Faisal take charge, supported by assistant referees Ahmed Moenis and Mohammed Al-Khalaf, with Mohammed Mufid as the fourth referee and Hamza Saadeh as the additional referee.

Unlike previous encounters, neither Al-Faisaly nor Al-Wehdat requested the involvement of foreign referees for this crucial fixture. This decision may stem from their limited chances of securing the league title, as Al-Hussein Irbid currently leads the standings comfortably ahead of both teams. Despite their title aspirations being distant, the clash between Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat always generates significant public and media interest.

Each team is permitted to enlist foreign referees for up to three matches per season as per Jordanian Federation regulations, yet for the Jordanian Football Clasico, a local referee has been assigned. Al-Hussein Irbid’s commanding lead with 40 points, 7 ahead of Al-Faisaly and 9 ahead of Al-Wehdat, hints at their superior form this season. It is worth noting that Al-Wehdat emerged victorious in the first leg with a 3-2 scoreline over Al-Faisaly.

While Al-Faisaly claimed the Union Shield Championship at the onset of the season, Al-Wehdat secured the Jordanian Super Cup title. Both clubs seem focused on maintaining their player’s readiness for a potential Jordan Cup title challenge. The ongoing season witnessed numerous complaints from clubs regarding refereeing decisions during matches, reflecting the intense competitiveness in the league.

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