Aali Club’s Sports Director: The League Isn’t Over Yet

Aali Club Sports Director Praises Team’s Lead in Second-Tier League Standings

Aali Club’s Sports Director, Faisal Abdul Majeed, expressed his delight as the club’s first football team secured the top spot in the standings of the second-tier league competition following a 1-0 victory over Bahrain Club. The win propels them towards the Nasser bin Hamad Premier League, a goal they are determined to achieve this season. Abdul Majeed emphasized that claiming the lead is just a single step in their journey to promotion.

In a statement to Al-Watan Sports, Abdul Majeed highlighted the team’s motivation to intensify their efforts and continue striving for success. With four crucial matches ahead against Al-Malikiyah, Umm Al-Hassam, Ittihad Al-Rif, and Isa Town, the team must maintain their spirit, determination, and drive to secure victory in each remaining fixture. The outcome of these matches will ultimately determine the club’s fate in their pursuit of moving up to the senior league.

Under the guidance of Serbian coach Milan, the team is diligently following a structured program aimed at achieving their objectives. Abdul Majeed commended the unwavering support from the honorary president of the club, Tawfiq Al-Aali, acknowledging the club management’s backing and encouragement of the team. He extended well wishes for success to the team as they continue to compete in the remaining matches of the season.

As the league progresses, Aali Club’s football team remains focused on their goal of securing promotion to the prestigious Nasser bin Hamad Premier League. The team’s current standing at the top of the league standings serves as a testament to their hard work and dedication. With a challenging road ahead, including crucial matchups against formidable opponents, the team is committed to giving their all in pursuit of their ultimate objective. Their collective efforts, coupled with the support of the coaching staff and club management, position them favorably as they strive for success in the ongoing season.

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