FC 32, Backed by Pro Athletes, Targets Newcastle Jets Takeover

Potential Takeover Bid by FC 32 for Newcastle Jets Club with Focus on Youth Development and Player Retention

FC 32, the Swiss second-tier club owner, is eyeing a takeover of the Newcastle Jets, with a plan to expand their portfolio to seven clubs. The investment group, Athletic Ventures, is supporting this move, aiming to revolutionize the club under the leadership of co-founders Christie Jenkins and Paul Francis.

Jenkins, a former beach volleyball star turned venture capitalist, and Francis, a seasoned executive from Nike and adidas, are at the forefront of the bid. Francis is expected to step in as chairman post-acquisition, focusing on fostering youth development in both the men’s and women’s teams while securing existing talent like promising defender Mark Natta for the long term.

Despite previous false starts, the Jets are edging closer to a deal with FC 32, with an announcement anticipated before March ends. While Italian billionaire Danilo Iervolino was initially linked to the purchase, the negotiations are now under the FC 32 umbrella, highlighting their emergence as a significant player in the football ownership landscape.

Jenkins, based in the US, emphasizes their commitment to player development across genders, hinting at more exciting developments in the future. Meanwhile, Francis, with a background in sports science and experience with the Miami Dolphins, brings a wealth of knowledge to the potential Jets takeover.

This prospective acquisition marks a turning point for the Jets, who have been propped up by other clubs in the A-League. With FC 32’s ambitious plans and dedication to nurturing young talent, the Newcastle Jets could be on the brink of a new era under fresh ownership. Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting development unfolds.

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