Coach Troussier criticizes Vietnamese players’ skill level

Pressure Mounts on Coach Philippe Troussier as Vietnamese Teams Struggle with Recent Results

Coach Philippe Troussier is facing mounting criticism for the lackluster performance of Vietnamese teams in recent times, notably their early exit from the 2023 Asian Cup finals. The French tactician’s decision to sideline key players from the era of former coach Park Hang-seo in favor of younger talents has sparked debate among fans and pundits.

In a recent interview with Bunshun magazine, Troussier addressed the Japanese team’s disappointing campaign at the Asian Cup and defended his approach to coaching in Vietnam. He emphasized the importance of a team-based strategy, citing the perceived shortcomings of Vietnamese players in terms of skill, experience, and physicality.

“For me, an individual-based strategy is not sufficient,” Troussier stated. “Vietnamese players lack the necessary qualities to compete at a higher level, so I prioritize teamwork over individual brilliance. Players are instructed to prioritize the team’s success over personal achievements, whether in attack or defense.”

The former Japan national team coach acknowledged the need for players to put the collective ahead of personal interests, believing that this selfless approach can lead to improved performances on the field. Troussier’s philosophy revolves around the idea that the team as a whole must excel, rather than relying solely on individual talent.

With speculation mounting about his future with the Vietnamese national team, Troussier faces a crucial juncture in his tenure. The media is abuzz with rumors of a possible departure if he fails to guide the Golden Star Warriors to positive results against Indonesia in the upcoming 2026 World Cup qualifying matches in Asia scheduled for September.

As pressure mounts on Troussier to deliver results, his coaching methods and team selection will come under increased scrutiny. The spotlight is on the Frenchman to rally his squad and secure vital victories in the quest for World Cup qualification. The coming months will be pivotal in determining Troussier’s fate as the head coach of Vietnam’s national football team.

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