After CAHN’s victory, 4 standouts in Thanh Hoa city

“CAHN Club’s Impressive 3-1 Victory Over Thanh Hoa: 4 Things to Remember”

On the evening of February 27, CAHN Club secured a remarkable 3-1 victory over Thanh Hoa in a standout match during round 11 of V-League 2023/2024. The national team players showcased their talent, with all three goals coming from them. Ho Tan Tai kicked off the scoring with a powerful long-range shot in the 12th minute. Nguyen Quang Hai followed up with a precise finish in the 61st minute, and Vu Van Thanh sealed the deal with a successful penalty kick towards the end of the game.

This stellar performance by the national team not only brought joy to CAHN but also bodes well for the upcoming matches of the Vietnam National Team at the 2nd World Cup 2026 in March. Coach Philippe Troussier can now strategize effectively with this strong showing in mind.

Coach Kiatisuk Senamuang’s strategic prowess was on full display against Thanh Hoa, as CAHN took an aggressive approach from the start, securing an early goal and adding another through a counterattack in the second half. The team’s improved performance under Kiatisuk’s leadership has been evident, capturing a style of play that fans greatly appreciate.

After a string of mixed results earlier in the season, CAHN’s recent success marks a significant turnaround, with four consecutive wins against tough opponents like Ho Chi Minh City, SLNA, and now Thanh Hoa. This impressive run has propelled them to 2nd place in the rankings, showcasing their championship pedigree and determination.

The victory over Thanh Hoa signifies not only a successful debt collection for CAHN but also a return to the title race this season. With a squad boasting quality players and guided by the leadership of Zico Thai, CAHN looks poised to make a strong push for the league title. The defending champions have proven their worth once again, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive remainder of the season.

By Danh Nguyen | 04:58 February 28, 2024

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