Shopee Cup™: ASEAN Club Championship to Kick Off in Southeast Asia

Shopee Cup™ Announced as Title Partner of Inaugural ASEAN Club Championship

The ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) has unveiled Shopee as the primary sponsor of the upcoming ASEAN Club Championship, now named the Shopee Cup™. Facilitated by SPORTFIVE, the partnership extends Shopee’s role as a Presenting Partner for other significant AFF competitions. The inaugural Shopee Cup™ aims to crown an annual ASEAN Club Champion and will showcase 14 leading ASEAN clubs engaging in 40 matches within a league framework, aligning with the European calendar. Commencing on July 17, 2024, the tournament will culminate on May 21, 2025.

As Southeast Asia’s largest online marketplace, Shopee, a subsidiary of Sea Limited, is enthusiastic about connecting with regional football enthusiasts through the Shopee Cup™ sponsorship. Zhou Jun Jie, Shopee’s Chief Commercial Officer, expressed excitement about engaging with the youth demographic and expanding the brand’s reach while entertaining fans across the region.

AFF President Major General Khiev Sameth heralded the Shopee Cup™ as a game-changer for ASEAN football, elevating the prospects for regional clubs and promoting success on an Asian stage. The collaboration represents a historic stride for ASEAN football’s development, with Shopee’s sponsorship marking a significant milestone for the ASEAN Club Championship.

Seamus O’Brien, President and Chairman of SPORTFIVE Asia, highlighted the transformative nature of the partnership, recognizing the convergence of ASEAN’s economic growth, football fervor, and digital connectivity as crucial components for the Shopee Cup™ success.

The tournament will feature National League Champions and Cup winners (or runners-up) from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore, with qualifying clubs from Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar vying for spots in the Group Stage. Following a group stage campaign comprising 30 matches, the top teams will progress to the semi-finals, leading to a home-and-away final showdown.

More details on the competition structure, schedule, and participating teams will be disclosed during the Official Draw in early May. Stay tuned for further updates on the exciting journey towards crowning the inaugural Shopee Cup™ champion. #AFF

Meghnad Iyer

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