PFF NC Releases Election Results for 75 Districts (Dawn)

Pakistan Football Federation NC Announces Preliminary Election Results in Districts

The Pakistan Football Federation Normalisation Committee has released the preliminary results of elections in 75 districts across the country, marking a significant step towards achieving an elected PFF. Over 90 percent of voters participated, with a final list of elected officials to be shared after a two-day appeals window.

Pakistan football has faced turmoil for years, with the road to elections being arduous. Controversy arose during club registration and scrutiny, especially when newly-registered clubs were allowed to vote against the constitution’s two-year waiting period rule. Tensions escalated as established clubs felt their voting rights were compromised.

Accusations of unfair practices emerged, such as in Islamabad where longstanding clubs were struck off the voting list. In Rawalpindi, allegations of a tied vote prompted an appeal process. Despite the challenges, some familiar names emerged victorious in their districts.

Former PFF senior vice-president Syed Zahir Ali Shah won in Peshawar and expressed hope for swift elections in remaining districts. Meanwhile, Mohammad Nauman, likely to challenge Zahir, secured the Malakand district presidency amid forgery accusations. The NC’s perceived favoritism towards Nauman raised concerns among stakeholders.

Nasir Karim Baloch’s triumph in Karachi South highlighted the resilience of his panel against newly-registered clubs. However, re-elections loom in tied districts, with the Karachi Malir outcome awaited. Once all district elections conclude, provincial football associations will form, contributing members to the PFF Congress, which ultimately elects the PFF president.

The football landscape in Pakistan remains fraught with challenges, but the recent electoral progress signifies a step towards stability and legitimacy. With an elected PFF on the horizon, stakeholders eagerly anticipate a new chapter for Pakistan football.

Denis Hardin

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