Leading Vietnamese National Team: Coach Polking’s Highly Sought-After Expertise

“Coach Alexandre Polking Expresses Interest in Leading Vietnamese Team as VFF Seeks New Coach”

Vietnamese football suffered a blow with a 0-3 defeat on March 26, leading to the termination of coach Philippe Troussier’s contract by the VFF shortly after. In response, the VFF swiftly appointed coach Hoang Anh Tuan to guide the U23 Vietnam team at the upcoming 2024 U23 Asian Finals in Qatar starting from April 15. However, the search for a long-term strategic leader for Vietnamese football remains a priority for the VFF.

Former Thai national team captain, Alexandre Polking, has emerged as a potential candidate to steer the Vietnamese team to success. Expressing his eagerness for the role, Polking stated, “Vietnamese football possesses immense potential, and I am confident that together, we can achieve significant accomplishments.” Despite his willingness, Polking emphasized that the decision ultimately rests with the VFF.

Polking, who parted ways with the Thai team in 2023 following a mixed record, including victories against Singapore but a loss to China, is keen on taking a new challenge. Notably, he guided Thailand to triumph over Vietnam twice in the AFF Cup in 2020 and 2022, indicating his familiarity with Southeast Asian football dynamics.

As Polking explores various opportunities, his interest in leading the Vietnamese team reflects the allure of coaching a national squad. With a preference for an attacking style of play, Polking remains adaptable to the needs of each match, tailoring his strategy to the strengths of his players and the opponents at hand. Embracing the competitive environment of Southeast Asian football, particularly in the AFF Cup, where the stakes are high, Polking thrives on the challenge of guiding a team to success.

While negotiations with clubs are ongoing, Polking’s aspiration to contribute to Vietnamese football’s growth underscores his commitment to excellence in coaching. As the VFF seeks a leader to steer the national squad to greater heights, Polking’s enthusiasm and experience could potentially shape the future of Vietnamese football on the international stage.

Denis Hardin

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