Al Hilal’s Dominance: Proof of Superiority in the Current Season

Al Hilal Saudi Club Ranks 44th Among Best Teams in the World: Opta Classification

In the latest update from the “Opta” network, specialized in numbers and statistics, Al Hilal Saudi Club has been ranked as the 44th best team in the world. With a score of 86.1 points, Al Hilal is the only Arab club to break into the top 50 teams globally.

Following closely in the Arab ranking is Al-Nasr Saudi Club, positioned at 93rd worldwide with a score of 81.8 points. The English powerhouse Manchester City leads the Opta classification with a perfect score of 100 points, followed by Spanish giants Real Madrid and Italian champions Inter Milan both tied at 97.1 points.

In fourth place sits English club Liverpool with a solid 96.4 points, while Arsenal rounds out the top five with 94.8 points. The rankings showcase the competitive nature of football across different leagues and regions, highlighting the global appeal of the sport.

Al Hilal’s achievement as the highest-ranked Arab team underscores their success and impact on the international stage. As they continue to excel, fans and followers can expect more recognition and accolades for their stellar performance.

The Opta classification serves as a barometer for assessing the quality and consistency of football clubs around the world. With clubs like Al Hilal and Al-Nasr making their mark, the football landscape becomes even more diverse and competitive.

As the season progresses, it will be intriguing to see how these rankings evolve and whether any other Arab clubs can break into the top echelons of global football. The passion and dedication of fans worldwide contribute to the vibrancy and excitement of the beautiful game, ensuring that football remains a truly global phenomenon.

Mohamed Suez

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