Al-Shabab to Face other Saudi League Club in Hattan Bahbari Showdown

Rumors of Hattan Bahbari’s Possible Move to a New Club in Saudi Pro League

In the realm of Saudi football, a fresh development has emerged as reports from Saudi press outlets unveil the entrance of a new entity into the Roshan League eager to secure the services of Hattan Bahbari, currently a valuable asset of Al-Shabab. “Okaz,” a prominent Saudi newspaper, has verified that negotiations have been initiated by a Roshen League club with Bahbari, aiming to enlist him for the impending season of the Saudi League.

Bahbari, whose tenure with Al-Shabab is set to conclude at the conclusion of August, finds himself embroiled in contractual uncertainty as an agreement for extension remains elusive. Amidst the deadlock, continuous talks persist between the concerned parties, with an additional club throwing its hat in the ring to add Bahbari to their squad.

Although Bahbari initially leaned towards a contract extension with Al-Shabab, he has granted permission to his representative to explore potential opportunities with alternative Saudi League contenders eager to secure his talents. The potential scenario where Bahbari departs from Al-Shabab looms large, with rumors suggesting an imminent announcement of his allegiance to a different Saudi League outfit in the imminent days.

As the footballing landscape in Saudi Arabia witnesses these intriguing developments, fans across the country are on tenterhooks to witness how the saga involving Bahbari’s future unfolds. Stay tuned to Koura News for further updates on this riveting narrative.

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