Chinese newspaper reports on Vietnamese team’s current capacity

Vietnam National Team in Danger of Elimination after Loss to Indonesia

Vietnam’s national team faced a tough setback, succumbing 0-1 to Indonesia in the latest 2026 World Cup qualifiers match in Asia, shifting them down to third place in Group F behind Indonesia. Coach Philippe Troussier’s squad now teeters on the brink, needing a victory in their upcoming rematch to revive their hopes of progression. The team’s lackluster performance drew criticism, with China’s page 163 decrying their six consecutive defeats, yielding a total of 12 goals, placing their World Cup aspirations in jeopardy.

In a scathing article, the Chinese publication highlighted the Vietnamese team’s dismal form, suggesting that another defeat could spell elimination from the competition. Despite their struggles, the article underscored that other teams faced similar challenges, citing instances where favored teams like India and Syria faltered against supposedly weaker opponents. The Vietnamese national team’s unfortunate streak of losses and leaky defense, conceding 12 goals in their last six matches, underscores the uphill battle they face in staying afloat in the qualifiers.

As the pressure mounts for Vietnam, the need for a decisive turnaround becomes ever more pressing. With their fate hanging in the balance, the Golden Star Warriors must rally and deliver a resounding performance in the upcoming matches to salvage their World Cup dreams. The team’s resolve and resilience will be put to the test as they strive to reverse their fortunes and secure vital victories to keep their qualification hopes alive.

Time is running out for Vietnam’s national team, and the stakes are higher than ever. With their backs against the wall, they must rise to the occasion and showcase their true potential on the pitch. The upcoming matches will serve as a defining moment for Coach Troussier and his players, as they seek to overcome their recent setbacks and reignite their World Cup ambitions. The road ahead may be arduous, but the Golden Star Warriors have the opportunity to rewrite their narrative and propel themselves back into contention.

Denis Hardin

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