Quang Hai and Multiple Players Facing Departure from National Team

Controversy Surrounding Vietnamese National Team and Coach Troussier: VFF Steps In to Clarify Rumors and Allegations

The Vietnam National Team suffered another blow in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, falling to Indonesia once again following their defeat in the 2023 Asian Cup. Coach Philippe Troussier faced criticism for his tactical decisions and player selections.

A YouTube channel with a substantial following sparked controversy by claiming that star player Quang Hai and other veterans were seeking to leave the team for health reasons after the Indonesia defeat. The video stirred up public opinion, with fans reportedly backing the players’ decision.

Allegations surfaced that Vietnamese national team officials were pressuring the Vietnam Football Federation to reassess the team’s situation and potentially make changes. Player Van Toan openly expressed concerns about Coach Troussier’s leadership, citing cultural differences and a disconnect with the players and fans.

In response to the rumors circulating online, the Vietnam Football Federation intervened to clarify the situation. A VFF representative refuted the claims, stating that there were no requests from Quang Hai or any key players to depart from the national team. Additionally, the team had been training privately, making it impossible for Van Toan to have given media interviews as suggested.

With tensions running high and speculation swirling, the VFF’s involvement aimed to quash the unfounded rumors and provide clarity on the team’s status. As Vietnam navigates through a challenging period in their World Cup qualifying campaign, maintaining unity and focus will be crucial in their quest for success on the international stage.

Denis Hardin

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