DYAM TMJ: Arrogant Mentality Reducing Malaysian League Standard

DYAM TMJ Expresses Concerns Over Malaysian League Standards

The owner of Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) Football Club, DYAM TMJ, has voiced his disappointment over certain parties tarnishing the Malaysian League’s reputation. DYAM TMJ highlighted that Sultan Ibrahim Stadium (SSI) in Johor is the sole stadium that doesn’t puddle during rain, as opposed to others nationwide due to the clay and peat soil mixture in cow grass, hindering water absorption.

In a social media statement, DYAM TMJ criticized the country’s continued preference for cow grass despite its drawbacks, labeling Malaysia as the only Southeast Asian nation still endorsing it. He lamented the poor football facilities and infrastructure and criticized what he described as a “stupid and arrogant mentality” causing a decline in the league’s standards.

Expressing concern over Thailand and Indonesia’s league quality improvements, DYAM TMJ warned that Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines could soon surpass Malaysia if infrastructural and mentality changes are not implemented swiftly. He emphasized the role of football infrastructure in enhancing league quality and urged for a shift in mindset to prevent other countries from overtaking Malaysia’s football standing.

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