BRI League 1 Results: Brawijaya vs Persik, 4 Goals scored & Barito tamed.

Persik Kediri Maintains Sixth Position with 3-1 Victory Over Barito Puteraglyphicon

Persik Kediri secured their sixth-place position in the 2023/2024 BRI Liga 1 standings with a 3-1 victory at Brawijaya Stadium on Wednesday. The win allowed them to stay ahead of Barito Putera, who missed the opportunity to close in on the White Tigers.

The three points earned by Persik also brought them closer to the top four in the final Liga 1 standings, putting them within five points of second-placed Persib Bandung. The team from Kediri is now eyeing a spot in the Championship Series.

On the other hand, Barito Putera is at risk of losing their standing in the Liga 1 rankings to PSM Makassar, who did not compete in week 26. The two teams are separated by just one point in the table, with PSM Makassar in hot pursuit.

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