Shane Lowry praises JDT midfielder Afiq Fazail’s vision & impact

Shane Lowry Praises Afiq Fazail’s Vision and Midfield Skills at JDT

JDT defender Shane Lowry has heaped praise on national midfielder Afiq Fazail for his exceptional vision on the field. Afiq had a standout season with JDT last year, playing a crucial role in the team’s successful campaign in the Malaysian League under coach Tano Solari. His performances also caught the eye of national team manager Kim Pan-gon, earning him a spot in the Harimau Malaya squad for the recent Asian Cup.

In an interview with JDT TV, Lowry singled out Afiq as a player with solid vision during matches, highlighting his ability to read the game effectively. Alongside Afiq, Lowry also mentioned other midfielders like Nazmi Faiz and Hong Wan, praising their passing abilities and accuracy on the field.

Afiq’s talent has not gone unnoticed by his teammates, with former JDT player Fernando Forestieri also recognizing his exceptional passing accuracy in a previous interview. Despite his modest stats of 18 appearances and three assists last season, Afiq’s influence on the team’s success was undeniable.

As JDT prepares for the upcoming season under coach Hector Bidoglio, Afiq is expected to play a pivotal role once again in the team’s quest for further glory. The Southern Tigers aim to build on their domestic success and establish themselves as a dominant force in Asian football, with Afiq set to be a key figure in their ambitions moving forward.

With his exceptional vision and passing accuracy, Afiq Fazail has proven to be a valuable asset for JDT both domestically and on the international stage. As he continues to impress with his performances, fans can expect to see more of his skillful playmaking abilities in the upcoming season.

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