WAFF Workshop: Training Match Commissioners for Effective Management

Workshop for Preparation of Match Commissioners Organized by WAFF: Theoretical Lectures and Practical Applications to Enhance Participants’ Knowledge

The West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) recently organized a workshop in Amman, Jordan, on August 30 and 31, 2022, to prepare match commissioners for upcoming events. Dr. Bashir Abdelkhalek led the training, focusing on theoretical lectures and practical applications to equip 18 approved representatives with essential skills. This initiative was significant since it marked the first in-person workshop in two years due to the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of observer responsibilities and match preparation.

Dr. Abdelkhalek, an experienced match monitor, highlighted the crucial aspects of match observation, emphasizing time management, teamwork, and effective leadership within the commissioner’s role. The workshop aimed to facilitate the exchange of experiences among participants, preparing them for the upcoming AFC workshop in Dubai. Participants praised the event for enhancing their practical capabilities and knowledge in match management.

Orouba Al Husseini, the Director of Administrative Affairs at WAFF, commended the workshop’s role in fulfilling the federation’s educational objectives. She underscored WAFF’s commitment to providing valuable training opportunities, including over 15 remote workshops during the pandemic. Al Husseini extolled Dr. Abdelkhalek’s contribution to the workshop’s success, acknowledging the participants’ enthusiasm and interaction throughout the sessions.

The workshop attendees expressed gratitude towards WAFF and Dr. Abdelkhalek for imparting essential knowledge on match management. As a token of appreciation, WAFF distributed certificates to the participants, recognizing their commitment to the program. Al Husseini presented a shield to Dr. Abdelkhalek as a tribute to his valuable insights and guidance during the workshop.

Notable participants in the workshop included representatives from Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon, among others. Their active engagement and eagerness to learn underscored the workshop’s success in fostering collaboration and sharing expertise among regional football stakeholders. The event concluded with participants better equipped to fulfill their roles as match commissioners, thanks to the comprehensive training provided by WAFF and Dr. Abdelkhalek.

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