KLFA President Discusses Budget Planning for KL City Football Team

KLFA President Khalid Abdul Samad Shares Insights on Budget Planning for KL City Team

The president of the Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA), Khalid Abdul Samad, shed light on the budget planning for KL City team as the Malaysia Cup 2021 champions gear up for the upcoming season. Addressing the media at Cheras Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Khalid asserted that the team’s budget will not be slashed, emphasizing the importance of maintaining quality in the competitive football landscape.

Despite suggestions to simplify and operate within a limited budget, Khalid emphasized the need to stay competitive in a league where rival teams like JDT boast significantly higher financial resources. Citing examples such as Selangor’s annual expenditure of RM33 million (set to increase to RM43 million) and Terengganu’s nearly RM30 million investment, Khalid highlighted the financial challenges faced by KL City.

Expressing his firm stance on the matter, Khalid emphasized the need for a balanced approach, setting a reasonable budget of RM14 million to build a strong team capable of challenging powerhouses like JDT. He recalled the team’s success in defeating JDT in the 2021 Malaysia Cup final with a modest budget of RM12 million, underscoring the potential for KL City to make an impact with strategic financial planning.

Despite finishing 7th in the Super League last season with 38 points from 10 wins, 8 draws, and 8 losses, KL City remains determined to enhance their performance and competitiveness in the upcoming season. Khalid’s vision for the team revolves around setting ambitious targets, attracting investments from sponsors and investors, and striving for success on the field.

As KL City navigates the complexities of budget planning in the football realm, Khalid’s leadership and strategic approach signal a commitment to elevating the team’s stature and performance in the face of financial constraints. With a clear focus on quality, competitiveness, and sustainability, KL City aims to carve a place for themselves among Malaysia’s football elite, backed by prudent financial decisions and a resilient team spirit.

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