WAFF President Supports Saudi Arabia’s 2034 World Cup Bid

WAFF President Prince Ali bin Al Hussein Affirms Support for Saudi Arabia’s 2034 World Cup Bid

His Highness Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, as the President of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), has pledged unwavering support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 World Cup. Prince Ali emphasized the significance of the Saudi Federation’s advancements in securing this prestigious opportunity, viewing it as a source of pride that necessitates collaborative efforts to ensure successful execution.

The WAFF, under Prince Ali’s leadership, has prioritized unity and collective action to bolster football in the West Asian and Arab regions. By extending unequivocal backing to Saudi Arabia’s World Cup aspirations, the WAFF’s Executive Committee seeks to foster a shared triumph that will elevate the status of football in the region, heralding a promising future marked by prosperity and success.

Prince Ali underscored the WAFF’s confidence in Saudi Arabia’s capacity to deliver an exemplary bid distinguished by excellence and global recognition. Recognizing the kingdom’s enduring presence in the international sports arena and its consistent support for youth, sports, and football development, Prince Ali emphasized Saudi Arabia’s readiness to assume a leading role in orchestrating a memorable World Cup.

In light of the forthcoming candidacy campaign, Prince Ali affirmed the WAFF’s commitment to utilizing its resources and influence to bolster the Saudi Federation’s bid. By standing in solidarity with Saudi Arabia throughout the competitive selection process, Prince Ali expressed optimism that the kingdom’s bid would garner extensive backing, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s ability to host a world-class World Cup event.

Ultimately, Prince Ali’s resolute backing of Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 World Cup signals the WAFF’s dedication to promoting regional solidarity and advancing football in the Arab world. With a shared vision of excellence and collaboration, Prince Ali and the WAFF are poised to support Saudi Arabia’s quest to host one of the most significant sporting events globally, uniting football enthusiasts in anticipation of an unparalleled World Cup experience.

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