FIFA Series Pilot Phase March 2024: National Teams, Confederations

FIFA Series Pilot Phase to Begin in March 2024: National Teams from Different Confederations to Compete

In a move aligned with the Strategic Objectives for the Global Game: 2023-2027, FIFA is set to introduce the FIFA Series pilot phase during the Men’s International Match Calendar window in March 2024. This initiative will involve organizing international friendly matches featuring four national teams from different confederations in a single host country. The primary aim is to offer member associations more opportunities to compete against teams from other continents, fostering technical development and unlocking new commercial avenues.

The upcoming pilot project, scheduled from 18 to 26 March 2024, precedes the full rollout in March 2026. The participating national teams will encompass all six confederations, with future editions planned to occur during every March international match window of even years.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino lauded the FIFA Series as a significant advancement for global national-team football. He emphasized the value of meaningful matches in facilitating enhanced football interactions for players, teams, and fans, ultimately contributing to the sport’s overall development.

The FIFA Series pilot phase in March 2024 will showcase several intriguing matchups:

– FIFA Series: Algeria featuring Algeria (CAF), Andorra (UEFA), Bolivia (CONMEBOL), South Africa (CAF)
– FIFA Series: Azerbaijan with Azerbaijan (UEFA), Bulgaria (UEFA), Mongolia (AFC), Tanzania (CAF)
– FIFA Series: Saudi Arabia A comprising Cape Verde (CAF), Cambodia (AFC), Equatorial Guinea (CAF), Guyana (Concacaf)
– FIFA Series: Saudi Arabia B involving Bermuda (Concacaf), Brunei Darussalam (AFC), Guinea (CAF), Vanuatu (OFC)
– FIFA Series: Sri Lanka involving Bhutan (AFC), Central African Republic (CAF), Papua New Guinea (OFC), Sri Lanka (AFC)

The FIFA Series aims to enhance the global football landscape by facilitating diverse matchups and expanding opportunities for international competition, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in the sport’s evolution. Stay tuned for more updates as this innovative initiative takes center stage.#AFF #FIFA

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