PSB upset with NC’s WhatsApp elections decision, says The News

PSB Displeased Over PFF Normalization Committee’s Decision to Conduct Elections via WhatsApp

The decision by the Pakistan Football Federation’s Normalization Committee to conduct elections through WhatsApp has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among various stakeholders, including the Pakistan Sports Board. In a letter to the NC chairman, the PSB emphasized the importance of transparency and fairness in the electoral process, especially in a body as influential as FIFA.

While the PSB acknowledged the need for innovation and modern communication methods, it raised concerns about the use of WhatsApp for such important proceedings. The decision to conduct elections through WhatsApp is unprecedented in Pakistan and has left many stakeholders skeptical about the process.

The PSB has received numerous complaints from former district and provincial officials, who fear that conducting elections through WhatsApp could lead to fresh controversies. Additionally, stakeholders have raised concerns about the scrutiny of clubs and the need for clear mechanisms for oversight and accountability.

In light of these concerns, the PSB has advised the NC to review the decision to conduct elections via WhatsApp and explore alternative methods to ensure transparency and accessibility for all candidates. The PSB believes that the electoral process must prioritize fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates, and that measures should be put in place to prevent any potential controversies.

It is crucial for the PFF’s Normalization Committee to address these concerns and take steps to ensure a transparent and fair electoral process. The PSB’s stance highlights the importance of upholding democratic principles in sports governance and the need for accountability and oversight in such crucial proceedings.

The decision to conduct elections through WhatsApp may have been made with good intentions, but it is essential to address the concerns raised by stakeholders and ensure that the electoral process is conducted in a transparent and fair manner. Only then can the PFF move forward with credibility and legitimacy in its governance of football in Pakistan.

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