PFF NC Approves Over 1000 Clubs for Voting, Reports Dawn

“PFF Normalisation Committee Completes Physical Scrutiny of Clubs in 77 Districts, Clears 1150 Clubs for Voting Rights”

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee is making progress towards the much-anticipated elections, with chairman Haroon Malik announcing that 1150 clubs have been cleared to have voting rights. This is a significant step forward in the PFF’s efforts to reform and revitalize football in the country.

With around 6000 clubs applying for registration, the physical scrutiny process has been thorough and extensive. Haroon stated that 3800 clubs were cleared for scrutiny, with 2300 clubs appearing for physical inspection. It’s encouraging to see so many clubs eager to participate in the election process and have a say in the future of Pakistani football.

While the deadline set by FIFA for the elections is March 15, there may be a possibility of an extension as the Normalisation Committee works diligently to complete the process. Haroon assured that both FIFA and the AFC are monitoring the situation closely and are in direct access to the data of the clubs.

For clubs that didn’t pass the physical scrutiny, there is still an opportunity to appeal. They will maintain playing rights but not voting rights. Additionally, these clubs can reapply for voting rights in next year’s scrutiny process, as the registration for new clubs will be an annual exercise.

The next steps for the Normalisation Committee include completing district level elections by the end of the month and then moving on to provincial level elections. The aim is to finish the second phase by April 15 and then wait for 60 days, as per the PFF’s constitution, to hold elections for the body itself.

It’s clear that the Normalisation Committee is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent election process for the PFF. The extension of the deadline till July 15 will allow ample time to complete the exercise thoroughly and effectively.

Overall, the progress made by the PFF Normalisation Committee is a positive development for football in Pakistan. With clubs eager to participate and have their voices heard, there is hope for a bright future for the sport in the country.

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