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Guam Football Association Introduces Respetu Campaign to Combat Referee Abuse in Soccer

The Guam Football Association is taking a stand against referee abuse with the launch of their new Respetu Campaign. This campaign, part of a global effort by FIFA, aims to promote respect on and off the pitch at all levels of the game.

President of Guam Football Association, Valentino San Gil, emphasized that the campaign is not just about respecting referees, but also about respecting teammates, opponents, coaches, and the sport itself. By instilling the value of respect in young athletes and their families, the hope is to foster a culture of respect within the Guam football community.

The Respetu Campaign will be promoted through digital platforms, signage at the GFA facility, and cross promotions with other GFA events. It will also be incorporated into education courses throughout the year. The campaign’s logo badge will be a visible symbol of the commitment to promoting respect within the sport.

One of the key aspects of the campaign is the support and development of referees. Referees play a crucial role in the game, yet many leave the sport due to abuse from spectators, players, and coaches. By supporting and respecting referees, we can ensure the continued growth and development of the sport.

Youth development, including referee development, is a focus of the campaign. The Japan Football Association has been instrumental in supporting youth referees in Guam, with new referees taking part in introductory courses. These referees may officiate youth league matches as early as the opening day of the league.

The Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth League will kick off this Saturday, featuring matches in five different age divisions. Triple J Auto Group will also showcase their newest vehicles during the day. Clubs may still have roster openings for some age divisions, so those interested in participating should contact a participating club to begin the registration process.

The Respetu Campaign is an important initiative to promote respect and sportsmanship within the Guam football community. By supporting referees and fostering a culture of respect, we can create a positive and inclusive environment for all involved in the sport. Let’s all do our part to show respect on and off the pitch.

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