2024 Meiji Yasuda J1 League Round 13: Albirex Niigata vs Urawa Reds

J1 League Round 13 Match against Albirex Niigata at Denka Big Swan Stadium on May 11th

The 2024 Meiji Yasuda J1 League Round 13 clash between Albirex Niigata and Urawa Reds is set to take place on Saturday, May 11, 2024, at the Denka Big Swan Stadium with a 14:00 kickoff. The game comes with specific rules for spectators, including the authorization criteria for displaying banners, flags, and other supportive items. Notably, only designated areas allow the use of noisemakers, with restrictions on the materials used for flag poles. Those interested in showcasing banners are required to attend an explanation session at the visitor gate before the game.

Regarding logistics, the gates will open two hours before the match, encompassing specific regulations for seating with banners and flags solely within the visitor seating area’s first floor. General etiquettes, such as prohibited items larger than 700ml PET bottles and smoking restrictions, are outlined for fans’ awareness. Re-entries will be permitted upon stamping the hand’s back and presentation of the paid ticket stub to the staff upon return.

Moreover, the TV broadcast details for the game have been disclosed, with DAZN and Niigata TV 21 being the official channels. Additional information, such as match specifics, watching etiquettes, visitor support guidelines, and stadium accessibility, can be accessed through Albirex Niigata’s official website. In conclusion, the organizers express gratitude for the anticipated cooperation and fervent support from the fans to ensure a successful and enjoyable sporting spectacle.

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