Quang Hai’s Export Case: Latest Developments and Updates

Future of Nguyen Quang Hai at CAHN Club in Question as Contract Nears Expiry

At the conclusion of the current season in June 2024, Nguyen Quang Hai’s contract with CAHN Club is set to expire, sparking curiosity among fans regarding the future of the former U23 Vietnam standout who has been showcasing impressive performances in the V-League.

Recently, there have been rumblings that Quang Hai is eyeing a return to international competition. Michele Donato Fersini, acting as his representative, disclosed the following to the press: “Quang Hai inked a one-year deal with CAHN. At this juncture, the unknowns of the future loom large. Various clubs from both Europe and Asia have extended offers, though deliberations over genuine interest are ongoing. Presently, two teams from Europe and Asia have reached out, pending further dialogue with their respective coaches.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Fersini has not dismissed the prospect of “Hai Con” extending his tenure with his current club, stating: “CAHN and Quang Hai are slated to convene shortly, hence my reluctance to hasten any verdicts or pressure overseas clubs into tendering bids. The platform provided by CAHN has rekindled Quang Hai’s passion for the game, making a continuation a viable option.” – Remarks as relayed by Quang Hai’s esteemed representative to Thethao247.

In essence, the upcoming discussions could sway Quang Hai’s trajectory, whether towards new shores or an extension with CAHN. Ultimately, the football community eagerly anticipates the unfolding saga of this talented player whose future endeavors remain a topic of fervent speculation.

Written by Duong Quang | 15:11 April 4, 2024

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