PFF reveals election outcome in 75 districts DFA Elections

Results of Pakistan Football Federation District Football Association Elections Unveiled – High Voter Turnout and Transparent Process Highlighted

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) recently announced the outcome of the District Football Association (DFA) Elections held in 75 districts nationwide. With an impressive voter turnout exceeding 90 percent, the electoral process proceeded smoothly in the majority of districts, while those remaining will hold their elections post Eidul Fitr.

The newly elected officials are tasked with spearheading football development and administration in their districts. Following a meticulous election process, transparency and fairness were prioritized to ensure the effective representation of each district’s football community. To maintain integrity, a two-day period has been designated for appeals, offering an opportunity to address any concerns or disputes related to the elections.

Upon the resolution of appeals, the finalized list of elected representatives will be disclosed, solidifying their positions as advocates for football growth and progress within their respective districts. The PFF’s commitment to upholding democratic values and procedural rigour underscores its dedication to fostering a thriving football landscape across Pakistan.

Denis Hardin

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