Teacher Park’s Fear of Crisis: Parting Ways with Vietnam

Mr. Jong Song-chon: The Korean coach shaping Vietnamese football’s future

Mr. Jong Song-chon, a familiar face in Korean women’s football, has an impressive resume that includes coaching at three youth World Cups. Having previously led Hanoi I Women’s Club, he now finds himself as the head coach of Park Hang-seo Academy.

Reflecting on the disappointment of the Vietnamese team under coach Philippe Troussier, Mr. Jong Song-chon highlighted the words of Coach Park Hang-seo. Following the team’s recent defeat, Coach Park emphasized the importance of training young players to build a solid foundation for Vietnamese football. This led to the establishment of the academy bearing his name, where young talents are nurtured under the guidance of Korean coaches.

Addressing the speculation around Coach Park Hang-seo potentially returning to lead the Vietnamese team, Mr. Jong Song-chon remained diplomatic, stating that the decision ultimately rests with Coach Park and the VFF. However, he expressed confidence in Coach Park’s love for Vietnamese football and his desire to contribute to its success, hoping for a resurgence in the national team’s performance.

The rise of the Indonesian team, fueled by the inclusion of quality naturalized players, has caught the attention of many. In response, the former Korean women’s U20 coach acknowledged Indonesia’s current advantages but cautioned that relying on mixed-race players is only a short-term solution. He emphasized the importance of investing in youth football and developing a strong national championship as the path to long-term success.

As the football landscape in Asia continues to evolve, with nations like Indonesia making strides, the focus on youth development and sustainability becomes paramount. Mr. Jong Song-chon’s insights shed light on the complexities of nurturing talent and building a foundation for success in the region.

Nam Thanh | 21:42 April 2, 2024

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