Mumbai City FC’s Petr Kratky: A Rising Talent in Indian Football

Mumbai City FC Head Coach Petr Kratky Prepared for Challenge Against Hyderabad FC in ISL Fixture

Mumbai City FC’s head coach, Petr Kratky, is preparing his team to face Hyderabad FC in an upcoming ISL match with caution despite the opposition’s position at the bottom of the league. The Islanders have had a successful season so far, securing 12 wins and 5 draws out of 19 matches, totaling 41 points under Kratky’s leadership, who has been instrumental in strengthening the team.

In contrast, Hyderabad FC has struggled this season, only managing one win and suffering 13 losses. While out of playoff contention, the team’s young talent is determined to play for pride in their upcoming matches. Kratky emphasized the importance of not underestimating any opponent, acknowledging the level of competition in the league.

Kratky also discussed the team’s newest addition, Jakub Vojtus, who joined during the international break to replace the injured Iker Guarrotxena. The head coach praised Vojtus’ work ethic and potential contributions to the team, eager to see him in action. He also commended his team’s attacking brand of football, highlighting the diverse goal scorers and unpredictability they bring to their gameplay.

Accompanied by midfielder Jayesh Rane at the press conference, Mumbai City FC emphasized the significance of healthy competition within the squad. Rane spoke about the motivating factor of competition and how it pushes players to give their best on the field, knowing that there are teammates ready to step up if needed.

With the match against Hyderabad FC approaching, Rane emphasized the team’s mentality going into the game, treating each remaining match as a final and not underestimating any opponent. The midfielder stressed the importance of maintaining focus and determination to secure positive results as the season progresses.

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