The Importance of Domestic Football League for TNS Fans

“Pakistan Football Team’s Pathetic Run Continues: Time for Premier League”

Pakistan’s football team faced a crushing defeat against Jordan in the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, losing 7-0 in Amman. This marks the fourth consecutive loss for the Green-shirts, with English coach Stephen Constantine at the helm. Their journey began with a 4-0 defeat to Saudi Arabia in Al-Ahsa, followed by a demoralizing 6-1 loss to Tajikistan in Islamabad.

Despite the use of offshore players, Pakistan’s team lacked fitness and failed to secure a win in recent matches. The debate over foreign versus local talent has intensified, with calls to focus on developing homegrown players. The lack of a consistent Premier League has hindered the growth of football in Pakistan, with only one league conducted in the past nine years.

The football landscape in Pakistan has been marred by political rifts, resulting in a fragmented system that has failed to support players adequately. The FIFA-appointed Normalization Committee has been criticized for its lack of action in organizing domestic events. This negligence has left players without opportunities to showcase their skills and earn a livelihood.

Despite recent losses, there remains hope for a turnaround in Pakistan’s football fortunes. Calls for the revival of the Premier League have gained traction, with stakeholders highlighting the league’s crucial role in nurturing talent and sustaining the sport. The absence of domestic events has led to the dissolution of teams and a decline in player participation.

Sports manager Ayaz Butt of Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) emphasized the importance of the Premier League in revitalizing football in Pakistan. He stressed the need for immediate action to kickstart the league and restore the glory days of the sport. The potential financial constraints should not deter efforts to reignite the football scene, as sponsors and stakeholders can be engaged to support the league.

If the Normalization Committee fails to prioritize the Premier League, it risks facing widespread protest and potential dissolution. The future of Pakistani football hinges on bold decisions and decisive actions to rejuvenate the sport and support players at all levels. It is imperative for the authorities to prioritize the development of local talent and the establishment of a sustainable league to ensure the longevity of football in Pakistan.

Denis Hardin

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