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Pakistan Football Team Forward Fareedullah Khan Successfully Undergoes Surgery for Clavicle Fracture

Pakistan football team forward Fareedullah Khan has undergone a successful surgery to address a clavicle fracture, as confirmed by the Pakistan Football Federation’s Normalisation Committee. The 23-year-old sustained the injury while playing in a FIFA World Cup qualifier against Jordan last Tuesday, where he collided with an opponent.

Upon his return to Pakistan, Fareedullah quickly received medical attention and was swiftly taken to the hospital for treatment based on the advice of PFF’s chief medical officer, Dr. Azam Khan. A scan revealed the need for immediate surgery, which was performed by Consultant Orthopedic and Sports Surgeon Dr. Amir Sohail in Lahore.

Following the operation, Fareedullah has been instructed to rest and undergo a rehabilitation period lasting eight to ten weeks before considering a return to the pitch. His comeback will be contingent upon successfully completing the rehabilitation programme and receiving clearance from the medical team.

This injury setback marks a temporary pause in Fareedullah’s football journey, with his focus now shifting towards recovery and rehabilitation. The Pakistani forward will be diligently following the prescribed rehabilitation plan to ensure a safe and effective return to the sport he loves.

The Pakistan Football Federation’s Normalisation Committee stands behind Fareedullah during this challenging time and is committed to providing the necessary support for his recovery process. The football community eagerly anticipates his return to full health and hopes to see him back on the field performing at his best.

As reported in Dawn on March 30th, 2024, the football fraternity sends their well wishes to Fareedullah Khan for a speedy and successful recovery, looking forward to witnessing his triumphant return to the beautiful game.

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