Coach Troussier Elevates Vietnamese Football Success

Troussier’s Termination Highlights Deep-rooted Issues in Vietnamese Football

After a humiliating defeat against Indonesia, Philippe Troussier has been relieved of his duties with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), marking a low point for the Golden Star Warriors. The recent string of losses under the “White Witch” has highlighted the longstanding issues plaguing football in Vietnam.

Expectations of a resurgence post the Park Hang-seo era have fallen short, with Vietnam’s World Cup aspirations seeming more like a fantasy than a reachable goal. Troussier’s tenure has shed light on the gaping holes within Vietnamese football, exacerbating concerns.

The transitional phase is evident as key players like Nguyen Tien Linh and Do Hung Dung struggle to deliver, signaling a lack of form among the established pillars of the squad. The premature decline of these seasoned players, aged 26 to 30, raises alarm bells about the V-League’s fitness regimen and its impact on player longevity.

The dearth of young talent ready to step up further compounds Vietnam’s woes, as budding stars lack exposure and opportunities to hone their craft at the senior level. With the next generation ill-prepared to shoulder the responsibilities, Vietnam’s footballing future appears uncertain.

The physical conditioning of Vietnamese players has come under scrutiny, as highlighted by their inability to sustain high-intensity performances over extended periods. The inadequate training routines and lifestyle choices within the V-League are identified as culprits, hindering player development.

A lack of proper medical care further exacerbates the situation, with frequent injuries plaguing key players like Doan Van Hau and Tran Dinh Trong. The recurring fitness issues have hampered the national team’s strength, underscoring the need for comprehensive reforms in player welfare.

To propel Vietnamese football to greater heights, a holistic approach addressing these systemic issues is imperative. Failure to address these fundamental shortcomings may hinder progress even after Troussier’s departure, emphasizing the urgency for meaningful change in the football landscape.

Denis Hardin

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