Guam Football Association: Enhanced competition level through combined interscholastic league

Combined Interscholastic League Enhancing Player Development and Competition

St. John’s School’s goalkeeper, Ha’ani Byerly, expressed her excitement about the newly combined Interscholastic Girls High School Football League, which brings together schools for a more competitive and diverse season. Byerly highlighted the opportunity to face off against new teams and players, enhancing the overall level of football on the island.

Guam Football Association’s General Secretary, Joe Cepeda, emphasized the league’s focus on player development, aiming to elevate the sport and increase competition. The collaboration between IIAAG and ISA to unify the leagues stemmed from a desire to benefit the athletes, creating a more conducive environment for skill development and national team scouting.

Coordination and planning for the combined league were crucial, requiring efforts from various stakeholders. ISA soccer commissioner, Eladio Manansala, expressed gratitude towards GFA for spearheading the league’s consolidation and providing necessary equipment to schools. The initiative, long-awaited by players, coaches, and parents, aims to streamline eligibility and improve the overall quality of play.

The 10th edition of the Challenge Cup Girls High School Football Preseason Tournament saw the distribution of football equipment to 11 participating schools, gearing up for the newly formed league. The Interscholastic Girls High School Football League kicked off on March 22, with thrilling matches such as the drawn game between St. John’s School and Okkodo High School and George Washington High School’s victory over Tiyan High School.

Upcoming matches on March 27 will feature Simon Sanchez High School against Notre Dame High School, John F. Kennedy High School versus Southern High School, and Harvest Christian Academy playing against Academy of Our Lady of Guam across two venues. Matches will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout April to keep the competition alive.

For detailed schedules and results, interested individuals can visit Guam Football Association’s official website. The league’s integration promises an exciting and challenging season ahead, nurturing talent and fostering a vibrant football community on the island.

Favian Ningrum

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