Guam Football Association: Tokyo FA U16 Girls Team wins friendly tournament

Tokyo FA U16 Girls Team Emerges Victorious in Friendly Tournament in Guam!

The Tokyo Football Association’s U16 Girls team claimed victory in the Tokyo FA Friendlies Tournament held at the Guam Football Association National Training Center. The championship match saw them secure a 4-0 win against Tumon Typhoons FC, showcasing a style and pace of play uncommon in Guam’s youth football scene.

Tumon goalkeeper Ahela’aoku’upu’wai “Ahela’a” Kaae commended Tokyo FA’s precise passing and quick gameplay, noting the excitement of facing an international opponent at such a young age. She emphasized the positive impact such events have on fostering Guam’s football development, encouraging players to strive for higher levels of competition.

The tournament featured participation from local U16 girls club teams including ASC Trust Islanders FC, Bank of Guam Strykers FC, Guam Shipyard Wolverines, and NAPA Rovers FC. Following their victory, Tokyo FA will engage in a training match against the Guam U17 Women’s National Select Team.

Kaae eagerly anticipates the rematch against the Japanese team, aiming to apply lessons learned from their initial encounter. The tournament was part of a series of events celebrating AFC Women’s Football Day in March, with the previous festivities including the Sugar and Spice Middle School Girls Festival and the Challenge Cup Girls High School Football League preseason tournament.

The Tokyo FA U16 Girls team was awarded the champions trophy and gold medals, with Tumon Typhoons FC receiving the second-place trophy and silver medals in an awards presentation led by GFA officials. The success of the tournament highlights the growth and potential of women’s football in Guam, inspiring young players to pursue their passion for the sport.

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