From Canada to Saudi Arabia: The Unique Journey of Ahmed Al Ghamdi

The Unique Journey of Ahmed Al Ghamdi: From Vancouver to the RSL

Ahmed Al Ghamdi, a midfielder for Al Ittihad currently on loan from Al Ettifaq, had a unique upbringing in Vancouver, Canada. Despite being born in Jeddah, he spent his childhood in Canada, immersing himself in Western culture. This diverse background has shaped his perspective on life, offering him a broader outlook on the world.

Al Ghamdi attended St George’s School in Vancouver, where he enjoyed a typical North American high school experience, playing basketball and even being accepted into the University of British Columbia to study medicine. However, his passion for football, inherited from his father, eventually took precedence over his medical aspirations.

The 22-year-old Al Ghamdi has found success at Al Ittihad after a mid-season transfer, impressing under the guidance of manager Marcelo Gallardo. In a recent match against Al Fateh, he scored his first goal for the club, showcasing his growing confidence and skills on the field. Despite his calm demeanor off the pitch, his celebration after the goal reflected his increasing self-belief as a player.

Playing in an advanced midfield role, Al Ghamdi has proven himself as a valuable asset for Al Ittihad, contributing not only with goals but also with assists. His steady improvement and confidence in the team hint at a promising future in Saudi Arabia Division 1. With each game, he solidifies his place in the team and demonstrates his potential to excel at the highest level.

While Al Ghamdi harbors dreams of representing his home country at the FIFA World Cup in 2026, for now, his focus remains on making an impact in the league and honing his skills as a young talent. His dedication to football and continuous growth suggest that he is poised for a successful career in the sport. As he continues to impress on the field, Al Ghamdi’s journey in Saudi Arabia Division 1 promises to be an exciting one, with the potential for even greater achievements in the seasons to come.

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