VFF dismisses coach Troussier, majority Southeast Asian support given

Vietnam Football Federation Stands Firm on Coach Troussier’s Dismissal Rumors

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has officially decided not to dismiss coach Philippe Troussier following the recent defeat against Indonesia. In a statement, a VFF representative emphasized the importance of sticking to the contract and achieving clear results. The federation clarified that Troussier’s performance will determine his future, with no plans to replicate the costly compensation Korea provided for coach Klinsmann.

Despite calls for Troussier’s removal from Vietnamese fans, support for the coach remains strong among fans from 10 out of 11 Southeast Asian countries. These supporters believe that Troussier’s continuation as coach will weaken the Vietnamese national team, giving hope to other regional teams to defeat Vietnam in the future.

The disappointment of the Vietnam national team’s loss to Indonesia has prompted criticism from Southeast Asian football fans, who suggest that a coaching change is necessary to improve the team’s performance. Coach Troussier, however, remains optimistic and urges Vietnamese fans to rally behind the team in the upcoming match against Indonesia, emphasizing the advantage of playing at home.

Goalkeeper Nguyen Filip, a standout performer for Vietnam, highlighted the team’s need to improve scoring efficiency and play more aggressively in the second leg against Indonesia. Despite his individual success, Filip emphasized the collective effort required for the team to secure a positive result in the next match.

In transfer news, striker Nguyen Dinh Bac’s potential move to Nam Dinh has been addressed by the club’s leadership, denying any plans to recruit the player. The decision-making process for player recruitment at Nam Dinh is carefully deliberated by the Board of Directors and Coaching Board, ensuring strategic selections aligned with the team’s objectives.

As the Vietnam national team navigates through challenges on and off the field, the ongoing support for Troussier, constructive feedback from players like Nguyen Filip, and strategic decisions in player recruitment all contribute to the narrative of Vietnam’s football landscape.

Danh Nguyen | 13:22 March 23, 2024

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