Supawit Changlek of Maejo United Prepares for Clash with Sisaket United in Pui Rung Arun League 2023/24 Champions League Season

Supawit Changlek, Goalkeeper of Maejo United, Prepares for Match Against Sisaket United

Supawit Changlek, the goalkeeper of Maejo United in the Pui Rung Arun League (T3) Champions League season 2023/24, spoke ahead of their upcoming match against Sisaket United. Maejo United has played 2 matches so far, with 2 draws and 0 wins or losses, earning them 2 points and placing them 3rd in the current standings, trailing behind the table leader, Sisaket United, by 4 points.

Chao Ball, the manager of Maejo United, expressed readiness for the game and urged his team to give their all on the field. He emphasized the importance of securing points in the upcoming match and called for support from Maejo Cowboy fans to cheer on the team.

Maejo United’s next match is scheduled against Sisaket United in the Pui Rung Arun League (T3) season 2023/24 Champions League round, taking place on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. The match will be held at Sri Nakhon Lamduan Stadium and broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube.

Fans of Cowboy Maejo and Maejo United can show their support for the team by attending home matches and cheering from the stands. Stay updated on Maejo United’s journey in the league by following their matches and results closely.

As Maejo United prepares to face Sisaket United in the upcoming match, the team is counting on the determination and support of their fans to secure a positive outcome. Let’s come together to rally behind Maejo United and help them achieve success in the Pui Rung Arun League (T3) Champions League season 2023/24.

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