Troussier forced to call up Cong Phuong: What led to the decision?

Coach Troussier’s Decision to Call Back Nguyen Cong Phuong for Vietnam National Team Reunion

In a surprising move, coach Philippe Troussier made the decision to bring back Nguyen Cong Phuong to the Vietnam national team for the upcoming 2026 World Cup qualifiers in Asia against Indonesia. Despite not seeing much playing time at Yokohama FC, Troussier still values the former HAGL striker’s capabilities.

After six months of absence from the national team, Cong Phuong returned to the squad following discussions and evaluations of his skills by Troussier during his visit to Japan. The Nghe An native arrived back in Vietnam on March 10 to start preparations for the crucial matches.

Speculation arose suggesting that Troussier’s decision to recall Cong Phuong was due to pressure from the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF). However, a source close to journalist Minh Hai denied these claims, affirming that the coach took the initiative in bringing the striker back into the fold.

Troussier’s motive behind bringing Cong Phuong back stems from the need for players with the ability to make impactful plays and the experience that the 29-year-old possesses. The Vietnamese national team captain’s influence played a significant role in convincing his Japanese club to release him earlier than expected.

With the upcoming matches against Indonesia posing a significant challenge, Troussier sees Cong Phuong as a valuable asset who can provide the necessary spark and leadership on the field. The striker’s return to the national team comes at a critical juncture as Vietnam aims to secure positive results in the World Cup qualifiers.

As the team gears up for these crucial fixtures, all eyes will be on Nguyen Cong Phuong and his role in helping Vietnam navigate through the challenges posed by Indonesia. Troussier’s decision to bring back the experienced striker highlights the importance of having key players like Cong Phuong in the squad for such vital encounters.

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