Al-Duhail coach Galtier: Errors costly, must focus on next match

Al Duhail coach Christophe Galtier focuses on correcting mistakes before Al Shamal match

Al Duhail coach Christophe Galtier acknowledged the need for his team to rectify errors ahead of their upcoming match against Al Shamal. Speaking before the eighteenth week clash, Galtier emphasized the importance of self-assessment and error prevention amidst a challenging season. Addressing a recent loss to Al-Wakrah, Galtier highlighted the team’s need for focus and efficiency on the field to avoid costly mistakes.

Expressing concern over repeated individual errors impacting the team’s performance, Galtier stressed the necessity for a collective effort to improve results. Despite a fully fit squad with minimal absences, Galtier maintained that injuries could not serve as an excuse for underwhelming performances. Star striker Al-Moez Ali’s absence in the upcoming match due to accumulated warnings further adds to Al Duhail’s challenges.

In response to the team’s struggles, player Ibrahim Qadir remains optimistic about Al Duhail’s ability to navigate through their current slump. Confident in his teammates’ capabilities, Qadir pledged to contribute his utmost on the field and adhere to the coaching staff’s directives. Determined to restore the team’s winning form, Qadir’s commitment mirrors the collective resolve within the Al Duhail camp.

As the team prepares for upcoming fixtures amidst the backdrop of Ramadan, Galtier emphasized the need for adaptation to ensure optimal performance. With a focus on overcoming obstacles and returning to winning ways, Al Duhail aims to leverage the collective determination of the squad to navigate through challenging times. Amidst a turbulent period, the team’s unity and resolve will be pivotal in steering Al Duhail back on track towards achieving their season objectives.

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