Kedah Darul Aman Receives RM2 Million Boost for 2024/25 Super League

Kedah Darul Aman Receives RM2 Million Fund Injection for 2024/25 Super League Season

Kedah Darul Aman, a prominent Super League team in Malaysian football, has recently received a much-needed boost of RM2 Million to kickstart their upcoming 2024/25 season. Facing the looming threat of elimination from the Super League due to salary arrears, Sang Kenari, as they are fondly known, remains steadfast in their determination to compete at the highest level of Malaysian football.

In a bid to sustain their presence in the top-tier competition, KDA FC initiated a ‘keep the hope alive’ campaign, offering exclusive t-shirt sales orchestrated by the club’s majority shareholder, Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar. This campaign aims not only to motivate teams and clubs ahead of the new season but also to ensure that Kedah’s name remains synonymous with top-tier football in the country.

Furthermore, KDA FC announced a significant sponsorship deal with the renowned ALX brand, which will serve as the official kit provider for Sang Kenari for the upcoming seasons of 2024-2025 and 2025-2026. This collaboration, amounting to a total of RM2 million, encompasses the supply of high-quality sporting goods to all teams under KDA FC’s umbrella.

According to a statement released on social media by Kedah Darul Aman, ALX is an innovative sports brand synonymous with high-performance sports gear. The brand’s relentless commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail is expected to elevate Sang Kenari’s on-field performance and style as they strive to excel in the competitive landscape of Malaysian football.

Amidst these developments, Kedah has welcomed the return of several key players, including Syafiq Ahmad, who rejoins the team on loan. With renewed financial backing and strategic partnerships in place, Kedah Darul Aman is poised to navigate through the challenges ahead and make their mark in the upcoming Super League season.

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