Adelaide United Coach Admits Squad Imbalance Amid A-League Woes

Adelaide United Coach Veart Acknowledges Squad Imbalance Amid Slide

Adelaide United is facing a crisis as coach Carl Veart admits to squad imbalance amidst a disastrous run of form. The team has endured seven losses in their last eight games, sliding down to the second-last spot on the A-League Men ladder. Veart acknowledges the lack of a middle core within the squad to support both younger and older players, highlighting the need to address this issue for the upcoming season.

Reflecting on the current struggles, Veart emphasizes the club’s commitment to developing young talent but notes the underperformance of both the younger and senior players. Looking ahead to the next campaign, plans are already in motion to revamp the squad and bring in new faces. Despite the tough times, Veart remains optimistic about the team’s future, believing that this period of adversity will ultimately strengthen the players and coaching staff.

The coach stresses the importance of maintaining belief and staying true to their principles during this challenging period. While admitting that they are falling short of their own expectations, Veart is determined to turn things around and achieve success in the long run. As they work towards regaining their form and climbing up the ladder, Adelaide United remains focused on building a stronger and more balanced squad for the future.

Denis Hardin

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