PSBS Biak in League 2 Semifinals: Ruben Sanadi Seeks Papuan Support for Promotion

PSBS Biak Defender Ruben Sanadi Seeks Papuan Support for Liga 2 Semi-Final Clash Against Persiraja Banda Aceh

PSBS Biak’s defender and captain, Ruben Sanadi, has appealed for prayers and support from the Papuan people as they prepare to take on Persiraja Banda Aceh. The crucial second leg of the 2023/2024 Liga 2 semi-final is set to unfold at the Cedrawasih Stadium in Biak Numfor on Thursday (29/2/2024).

Having managed to hold Persiraja to a 1-1 draw in the first leg on February 25, PSBS Biak finds themselves in a favorable position going into the upcoming match. The team, also known as Pacific Storm, appears to have the upper hand in the tightly contested semi-final clash.

A victory over Persiraja would not only secure PSBS Biak’s spot in the League 2 final but would also pave the way for their promotion to League 1 in the following season. The stakes are undeniably high for Beto Goncalves and his teammates as they aim to make a significant leap in their footballing journey.

In the midst of this crucial juncture in the season, Sanadi’s call for support underscores the importance of unity and backing from the Papuan community. The team is gearing up for a challenging battle on the pitch, and having the unwavering support of their fans could prove to be a vital boost in their quest for success.

As the anticipation builds for the decisive encounter, all eyes will be on PSBS Biak as they seek to secure a historic victory over Persiraja. The journey towards the League 2 final is within reach, and the players are undoubtedly determined to leave it all on the field in pursuit of their ultimate goal.

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