Fan Zhiyi named as Chinese Super League recommendation officer

“China Super League and China Mobile Migu Company Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Digital and Intelligent Upgrades”

The Chinese Super League Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Migu Company have joined forces in a strategic cooperation agreement set to usher in a new era of digital and intelligent upgrades for the Chinese Super League. Representatives from key football organizations gathered to witness this milestone event, signaling a significant advancement for Chinese sports.

China Mobile Migu, the official strategic and all-media partner of the Chinese Super League, is gearing up to revolutionize how fans consume matches. The ambitious plan entails broadcasting all CSL matches on their platform, promising an immersive viewing experience starting from the 2024 season. Through the implementation of cutting-edge production techniques, communication strategies, and business initiatives, China Mobile Migu aims to infuse fresh energy into the Chinese Super League and elevate the overall fan engagement.

Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Song Kai, stressed the importance of establishing a premier league in Asia and nurturing a culture of healthy competition. The collaboration between the Chinese Super League and Migu is anticipated to deliver top-tier football content and captivating experiences for fans nationwide.

Shen Wenhai, chairman and general manager of China Mobile Migu, outlined the company’s dedication to leveraging technology and innovation to enhance the Chinese Super League. Through the introduction of advanced broadcasting capabilities and interactive features, Migu aims to create an exceptional home stadium experience for football enthusiasts.

Beyond enhancing the viewing experience, China Mobile Migu is delving into novel forms of communication and marketing for the Chinese Super League. By harnessing 5G technology and integrating mobile media, Migu seeks to expand its reach to a broader audience and amplify the thrill of CSL matches. From exclusive fan business cards to digital merchandise, Migu is steadfast in cultivating a robust fan base and elevating the league’s brand standing.

The announcement also highlighted the appointment of former football standout Fan Zhiyi as the official recommendation officer for Migu Chinese Super League. Fan Zhiyi’s endorsement, coupled with the collaboration with honorary consultant Lang Xiaonong, underscores the commitment to advancing Chinese football and nurturing a sportsmanship culture.

With the impending arrival of the new Chinese Super League season, fans can anticipate a flurry of innovative initiatives from China Mobile Migu. Anchored on quality content, technological advancement, and fan interaction, the partnership between the Chinese Super League and Migu pledges to provide an unparalleled football spectacle for fans throughout the nation.

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