Abahani coach attributes Mohun Bagan defeat to deep defense plan

Abahani coach criticizes defensive strategy in Mohun Bagan defeat

Abahani Limited Dhaka’s head coach, Mario Rivera, pointed to his team’s defensive strategy as the main reason for their recent defeat against Mohun Bagan in the AFC Cup. The coach criticized the “too deep defense” approach employed by his players, arguing that it allowed the opposition too much space to operate and eventually led to their downfall.

Despite dominating possession for much of the match, Abahani failed to capitalize on their chances and were ultimately punished by a more clinical Mohun Bagan side. The Bangladeshi club’s defense struggled to contain the attacking prowess of their Indian opponents, conceding two goals in the process.

Rivera acknowledged the need for his team to be more proactive and aggressive in their defensive efforts, urging them to maintain a higher line and pressure the opposition further up the pitch. The coach emphasized the importance of finding the right balance between attack and defense to achieve better results in future matches.

On the other hand, Mohun Bagan’s head coach, Kibu Vicuna, expressed satisfaction with his team’s performance, praising their ability to capitalize on Abahani’s defensive vulnerabilities. The Indian side executed their game plan effectively, taking advantage of their opponents’ mistakes to secure a crucial victory in the AFC Cup.

The defeat leaves Abahani in a precarious position in their group, with only one point from their opening two matches. The Bangladeshi club will need to regroup quickly and address their defensive issues if they are to have any hope of progressing to the next stage of the competition.

Overall, Abahani’s defeat against Mohun Bagan serves as a wake-up call for the team, highlighting the importance of solid defensive organization and tactical discipline. As they look ahead to their next match in the AFC Cup, Rivera and his players will need to make significant improvements if they are to turn their fortunes around and compete at a higher level.

In conclusion, Abahani Limited Dhaka’s head coach has identified their defensive shortcomings as the primary factor behind their recent defeat, emphasizing the need for a more proactive and organized approach in future matches. The Bangladeshi club will need to learn from this experience and make the necessary adjustments to bounce back stronger in the AFC Cup.

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