Chinese Super League 2023 Teams Overview: Talent & Money Decline (Part 3)

CSL Team Analysis: Ranking 9-12 from Last Season

The Chinese Super League (CSL) has been a rollercoaster ride with two rounds already completed. Due to the upcoming Asian Games in September, which is not FIFA sanctioned, the CSL is rushing to finish fixtures on time to avoid carrying over into next year.

Teams that finished 9th to 12th last season have seen their fortunes take different paths this season.

Meizhou Hakka struggled, with goalkeeper Hou Yu arrested for match-fixing, forcing them to sign new players to bolster their squad. Despite some signings, they still lack a reliable striker and are experimenting with different formations.

Shanghai Shenhua, with a new owner and improved management, has shown promise on the field. However, injuries to key players have exposed weaknesses in their defense, with some players failing to meet expectations. With new signings on the horizon, they hope to address their shortcomings.

Dalian Pro, coached by a charismatic former player, faced challenges in the transfer window, losing key players to other clubs. The team’s financial troubles have also hindered their ability to sign quality replacements, leading to a decline in performance. Calls for the coach to step down have emerged, but finding a suitable replacement is a challenge.

Cangzhou Mighty Lions, under new head coach Zhao Junzhe, have surprised many with their decent performances. The team, bolstered by foreign players, has shown resilience on the field and defied expectations. Despite initial doubts, they have proven to be a competitive squad.

As the CSL season unfolds, each team faces its own set of obstacles and opportunities. With the competition heating up, fans can expect more twists and turns in the coming matches.

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